Internal Structure of Mortar Headd

The Phantom

diagram image

Our last structural diagram is a parts explanation for the Fillmore Empire’s newest mortar headd. The Phantom is built on a completely different design philosophy to the Siren and so far an initial run of three units has been completed. While all three have been armed and equipped as destroyers, there is quite enough leeway in the frame and power output that they will undoubtedly receive general-purpose equipment when finally assigned to the Kneu Syltiss. However, the new mortar headd Phantom is so different from the existing Siren that tactical deployment strategies would all need to be recompiled for the new machines, and formal adoption of a new mortar headd by such a large empire would necessitate a significant downtime during the transition.

The three initial units are armored in white for Naias, black for Madora, and red for Ena. Few mortar headds actually have painted armor; for the most part the armor plating itself is manufactured already colored.

The armor plating on the Phantom itself covers a relatively small area, but while at first glance the plating suggests the Phantom is built as a lightly-armored speed-oriented mortar headd, each armor section is quite thick and offers more defense than apparent. The agility of the Phantom doesn’t reach the level of the V Siren Neptune, but neither does it suffer from the Neptune’s peaky response. This new mortar headd’s slender, but solid and heavily armored body is unprecedented among existing mortar headds.

Also distinctive among mortar headds is the higher placement of the function generator bays on either side of the cockpit due to the narrowness of the torso. Because of this, the function turbines’ emission catalyzer ports are larger than even the Black Knight’s. The Phantom’s unusual appearance has drawn notice from every nation in the cluster; in more ways than one it represents the bleeding edge of tactical mortar headd progress.

Mortar Headd Head Decorations

All in all, quite a lot of mortar headds have ended up with distinct and impressive head shapes and decorations, but these are really only to make them stand out or for unit identification. Mortar headds with uniquely-shaped heads that actually serve a purpose are very limited, including the Knight of Gold with its built-in life-support and regeneration systems, and the Cross Mirage with its stored surveillance devices.