Internal Structure of Mortar Headd

Knight/Fatima – Portable Equipment (MH Siren)

The Magic War will undoubtedly involve drawn-out mortar headd battles. Nations and knights may go all-out like Fillmore and Ba-Hatma, or just send a few to the Hathuha fighting like the Jota Space Knights. In either case every knight prepares for the worst by preparing emergency supplies in the cockpit and the mortar headd’s leg containers for all possible situations.

Containers are placed in the legs because they are the easiest to reach and least likely to be destroyed if a mortar headd is taken down. These containers will also be ejected automatically if the fatima triggers the knight cockpit’s ejection system.

The container contents are divided into a full set of field equipment and an emergency "escape pack". The escape pack is intended for the fatima and can be attached to the back of the fatima suit. This is because the knight’s survival rate is greatly dependent on the fatima’s survival. The knight’s survival rate increases greatly if the fatima is available to manage the food supply, perform environmental analysis, identify escape routes to allied forces, and deal with injuries.

What we are showing here are the emergency supplies for Fillmore’s mortar headd Siren at Nakakara. The container is stored in the lower left leg of the MH Siren. It contains field rescue and survival equipment. Storage is available in both legs.

The leg container packs are also used as relief for soldiers and disaster survivors, as Voards and Jabo did in volume 9 (v9p104, Eng. v22p24) so larger quantities are carried than strictly necessary.

Escape Pack (Fatima-Use)

diagram image

Primarily stored in the fatima cockpit in the interior door or under the seat, the storage location varies by mortar headd and nation. Fatima are permitted to wield spadds only on the battlefield in defense of their masters.

Combat Rations

Essentially similar to modern military MRE rations. These are not emergency supplies but standard field rations. High-calorie items included in the rations like chocolate bars, fruit bars, and youkan (Mirage Knights) are not eaten with the meal, but kept in a pocket to be eaten on the move or during a lull in combat. Even in combat eating these things can easily be fattening, so quantities provided are limited.

Fatima Paracha Field Cooking

Morale and fatigue are affected greatly by whether or not one can take a relaxed meal in the field. It looks like there’s no need to wear the formal Plastic suit on the battlefield. Arranged on the ground is a collapsible folding stove. Normally raising smoke is against regulations, but this area has already been suppressed so she is burning locally gathered material. To Paracha’s right are locally gathered herbs and eggs. The eggs are not from chickens but rather pheasants. She probably searched out a nest and appropriated them. The tablewares are in a picnic basket that came out of the Siren’s miscellaneous goods container. It may seem too much like a simple outing, but this kind of thing is surprisingly effective at restoring spirits worn thin by extended battle. Most nations make the midday meal the largest when in the field, eating only simple meals in the morning and evening.