Five Star Stories manga, anime and model kits
LED Mirage mortar headds - a popular mecha model kit

The Five Star Stories is a sweeping science-fiction/fantasy manga that began in the pages of Newtype Magazine in April 1986 and has grown to become a phenomenon with many popular model kits and art books available. Created by Nagano Mamoru, the stories tell of the events that unfold in a time of almost constant warfare among the decaying nations of the Joker Star Cluster. The events portrayed span thousands of years and many epic battles. The cast of characters is so large it can become confusing to new readers but tying all these adventures together is the tale of Amaterasu, the god of light, slowly awakening to his true nature and purpose and his beloved companion Lachesis.

The Five Star Stories encompases an interesting setting that manages to incorporate a large range of elements from both science-fiction and fantasy without sacrificing consistency. On the sci-fi side of the fence we find genetic engineering, cloning, giant robots, space travel, inscrutable aliens and high-tech warfare while the fantasy side brings us knights, dragons, kings, gods, sorcery and sword-play. A melancholy air runs through all these tales as both kings and soldiers reflect on destiny, duty and the consequences of war.

Many fans are familiar with the anime movie released in 1990. This film is an encapsulated version of the events of the first volume of the manga. However, to appreciate the full depth and appeal of Nagano’s masterpiece one must read the manga. As of April, 2006 volume 12 of the manga is available. The saga has continued for 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Gears Online will bring you all the information and images we can find for this amazing epic. Veteran fans discuss the manga on our message board and there are quite a few who know a lot about the mortar headd vinyl and resin model kits.