Ear Pod

The MH’s backup scanners, sensors, rear scanners, laser cannons and such are all built into these pods. For redundancy against battle damage one is placed on either side.

Generator Bypass

While there are also generator bypasses protected by the head and neck armor, these are mostly for feedback data from the fatima, so there is no great effect if they are lost to combat damage. Exposed parts like this are generally backups of backups or of similar importance.

Shoulder Armor Humungus [Big Shoulder Armor]

As with the head, there is no particular reason for the MH’s characteristic large and strange-shaped shoulder armor. In any case, any shape is fine so long as it does not interfere with the complicated movements of the shoulder. Many knights prefer large shoulder armor as it can also protect the arms in combat.


The hanging, ribbon-like parts seen on the likes of the Knight of Gold and the Bang Doll act as a support balancer and bleed off excess power and electrical discharges from machines being run overpowered. Seen on high-powered MH and trial units.

Armor Vents [Armor Slits]

The undisclosed reasons for having these armor slits are unknown, but it seems unlikely to be for releasing internal heat. Perhaps it is to reduce the heavy armor weight.

As with automobiles, the nimble movements of a MH benefit from having a lighter suspension. Every country puts effort into reducing the lower body weight of their MHs.

Phantom Horns

Rather an inconvenience in combat, they fold back when swinging a sword high.

Fatima Hatch

When opened, the fatima shell’s hatch is 30cm further in. The thickness can be seen in the volume 11 scene where Giselle leans out. [vol. 11, p167]

Skeletal Fright Mask

Really scary. The teeth-looking part is a ventilator.

Headdliner Cockpit Hatch

30mm Blaster Muzzle

The Siren models are equipped here and there with blasters and S-mines, but since the Phantom is a destroyer type it is limited to the bare minimum of support weaponry. It carries only four support weapons - these blasters and the beam cannons on the ears.

Torso Accordion Armor [Torso Bellows Armor]

Like a metal watchband, small plates are knit together to form the flexible torso armor, allowing unobstructed movement of the upper body. Inside are only the keel and assistive power pistons. No oil or support equipment or anything in there.

Compact Veil [Brief Veil]

As a destroyer MH, the Phantom does not carry the standard large veil, replacing it with the bare minimum defense of two small veils. A standard veil can carry ground assault ordnance and backup weaponry inside, making it suitable for a variety of battle situations.

Tachi Broadsword

A MH’s main weapon, generally a sword, axe, or hammer, is made of an extremely hard, yet flexible substance called metrotekachrome steel. While they can be sheathed on the hip armor, during the Great Magic War most are mounted on the interior of a veil and drawn from there when used.


As with Neptune, the toe and foot armor are not separated, but the previous pages have shown that the toe and foot are jointed internally. No problem. It’s more like a protective cover.