Dis Heufzehn Bosjathfort


Ruler of the Magic Kingdom Buchtgma, this enigmatic figure claiming to be the rightful heir to the Farus di Kanon Empire appeared out of nowhere and singlehandedly brought the Holy Kingdom of Atoll to its knees. The Heufzehn in his name refers to his self-styled position as the fifteenth ruler of the Super Empire, but there is no evidence to prove his claims; the direct bloodline of the Ruling family perished long ago.

Dis Bosjathfort, a potent diver, makes his first appearance in JC 2121 before Amaterasu no Mikoto in an attempt to "persuade" her to yield the position of leader of the Diver’s Guild to him. Unfortunately, his plans were thwarted when he was banished to the netherworld by the young Ladios Sopp (a childhood name for Amaterasu) using the technique Seventh Fall.

Although Bosjathfort’s spirit managed to anchor itself to the material world, his physical body was destroyed. For the next 900 years (approximately), he would survive only by possessing the bodies of others.

By JC 2992, Bosjathfort had possessed the body of Di Barrow, himself a powerful diver, seized control of the nation of Shiburu and was actively searching for the Water of Life from the reborn LED Dragon. Despite the best efforts of the AKD, Bosjathfort succeeds in both regaining a physical form and enhancing his already-formidable diver powers. As a gesture of defiance to Amaterasu, he killed Bugle de Leizer, the pilot of the Jagd Mirage.

After restoring his body, Bosjathfort renamed Shiburu as the Magic Kingdom Buchtgma and began to actively recruit divers and headdliners alike. His unorthodox policy of appealing to the lower classes of headdliners and freelance divers led to the rapid growth and expansion of his kingdom. He also recruited Decors Weissmel (the third Black Knight) as his Chief of Armed Forces and Beauty Peel (the mother of ace diver Zum) as his second in command. Together, the Black Trio (as they will eventually be known) will terrorize the galaxy right up to the end of the Sorcerer Wars.

In JC 2997, Bosjathfort attacked and killed many knights in Kastenpo, many of them Mirage Knights. Among the casualties were Jade Beat, mother of Magdall and Depre Atoll. This will earn him the undying hatred of Magdall, which will eventually lead to his downfall. In 3010, he launched a direct assault on Float Temple, killing and wounding many of Amaterasu’s finest personnel, including the likes of Lie Ex, Nu Soard Graphite and Falk U. Rognar. However, he is seriously injured in the process, and had to delay his plans as a result.

Nontheless, Bosjathfort reveals his intentions in JC 3030 when he invades Hathuha, sparking a Galaxy-wide conflict known as the Sorcerer Wars. He goes on to kill Murimuka Atoll and Dougulas Kaien, and maims Magdall, but is again seriously injured, this time by the resurrected Nein.

Bosjathfort is currently recuperating in the ruins of Hathuhunt, and requests Meeth to join him in his cause. He will remain a significant force until his death at the hands of Magdall Atoll, which ends the Sorcerer Wars.

A diver possessing Diver Force with his abilities enhanced by the Water of Life stolen from Suezou, his skill is such that he can overwhelm even sorcerers from the Super Empire; he is third in power only to Magdall Atoll and the Empress of Flame, Nein. A display is given when he blocks a front-on shot from a buster cannon. The cloth that he wears contains a special alloy that blocks out all attempts at locating him; even Amaterasu cannot break it. He shows respect only to Amaterasu and Meeth, the latter possibly because of her identity as the mother-to-be of the Savior of Taika.

Although most would agree he’s evil, Bosjathfort could be viewed as an idealist; he simply wants to resurrect the Farus di Kanon Empire as a "scion of its ruling line". He is also aware of Amaterasu’s unearthly status, and seeks to wage war with him for that reason; in a sense, he is but another facet of the conflict between humanity and the gods.

NOTE: The "Heufzehn" in Bosjathfort’s name may be an alternate spelling for "fünfzehn" which means "15" in German.

JC 2121

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