Meeth Silver Balance

Meeth Silver Ballanche

The daughter of immigrants from Karmanto, Meeth’s life seems like the typical Cinderella rags-to-riches story at first glance. However, her success only serves to mask the string of tragedies that she has endured.

Meeth is one of the few characters in Five Star Stories to have their life detailed in the course of the manga’s storyline: she first appears in JC 2989 under the wing of Atropos (posing as A.T.) as an orphaned and injured girl in the war-striken region of Tyxaihigh. After A.T.’s true identity as a fatima is revealed, she is adopted by Dougulas Kaien, who takes her on a gigantic trip around Both, ending up at Prisen Corks’ laboratory. There, she will meet Kaien’s fatima Auxo (who will accompany her for much of her life) for the first time.

Shortly afterwards, Kaien enrolls Meeth in the prestigious Tran National University Prep School under Chrome Ballanche’s name and leaves. At this point, she may well have gone on to become an obscure footnote in Joker history, but fate intervenes when her potential as a fatima meight is discovered. Ballanche promptly transfers Meeth to the renowned Baltic Academy, named her as his successor and dies before year’s end (yes, it is still JC 2989!). There, she will blaze through the minimum-26 year course in just 10 years, and is apprenticed under one of BA’s most famed graduates, Morard Carbyte in JC 2997. In the same year, she witnesses the first natural death of a fatima: that of Intercity, one of the original 4 fatimas, at the ripe old age of 687.

After graduating as a full meight in JC 3010, Meeth migrates to Hathuha, partly as an excuse to get closer to Kaien. After the outbreak of war, she will be given custody of the Female Kaienken, and offered protection under Dis Bosjathfort. She will give birth to Maximum in JC 3031, entrust him in the hands of Natrium Funfuto Atoll, and remain as a neutral figure throughout the Majestic Stand. In about JC 3079, she will be in Hathuhunt when the city is liberated, marking the end of the Sorcerer Wars.

As the successor to the venerable name of Ballanche, she will be offered many positions in the various Joker nobilities; however, she will only take on the title of Duchess of Fates, the hereditary title of the Balance family, and even then without a proper number. Her status as adopted daughter of Douglas Kaien and mother of Maximum Kaien, both Sword Saints of their time, only serves to enhance her reputation. She is the only person Kaien has ever feared, and even Dis Bosjathfort shows respect and awe towards her after he conquers Hathuhunt.

Meeth is one of the top fatima meights of the 3000s, ranking with the likes of Dr. Diamond Neutral and Natrium Xing Sakurako. Her fatimas are named after the letters of the Greek Alphabet, and include Alpha, Bella (Beta) and Delta Belun. The latter is actually a rebuilt Auxo, and will retain her Flawless rating. After the 3100s, she will be one of the few full meights remaining in Joker.

Already orphaned at a young age, Meeth will also be abandoned by Kaien, who will actively avoid her for years afterwards. Even so, she will dedicate her entire life to try to repay him, but will ultimately fail to do so. Desperate to have a child by him, she concocts an elaborate scheme using data from Ballanche’s Maximum 46 project and Auxo to achieve her goals (see Maximum’s profile for more details). Even so, she will live to see her only son die against the Satans and transported beyond her reach forever to Taika. The "Silver" in Meeth’s name is a homage to the Silver Knight, as well as a reference to the silver colour her hair turns later in life. Truly, Meeth is a pawn in the cruel plays made by the gods in their whimsical games; more than anything else, she symbolizes the helplessness and suffering of Jokerians in the greater scheme of events.