Empress of Flame

Empress of Flame

Nein, the Empress of Flame, is the daughter of the Violet Emperor Arhat and the ninth ruler of the Farus Di Kanon Empire. She founded the line of the Holy Shamans of Atoll; they are her spiritual descendants, in a sense. The flagship mortar headd of Atoll is modelled in her likeness, and its pilot is the keeper of the title "Nein’s Chivalry".

Her reign took place at around AD 5000, and the Empire’s power peaked under her rule. Among her most notable achievements was the signing of the peace treaty with the Dragons of Both and the creation of the Chivalries. She left shortly afterwards with the finest of her knights to investigate the mysteries of Stant, and was rumored to have perished.

As it was, she returned to Kalamity Godarce in AD 8383 to free the awakened Swans from the mind controls placed on the Chivalries and destroyed the nation of Sparkla in the process for attempting to resurrect the Farus Di Kanon Empire. She then entrusted Swans to Ladios Focuslight and once again left the Joker Galaxy.

Nein will make her first appearance in the Joker Era in JC 3030 near the beginning of the Sorcerer Wars, when a dying Megumika invokes "The blood Summons" to summon Nein from the netherworld, using her blood, Kaien’s blood and all the Water of Life from Yan Qie, the immature form of the Golden Dragon. She then proceeds to immolate the Holy palace in Hathuhunt, reinstates Funfuto Atoll as the Shaman of Atoll and entrusts to her the task of raising the Savior of Taika, who was yet to be born at the time. She will eventually meet Amaterasu and impart to him the secrets of Joker, in particular those which contain Stant and its last planet, Buster.

As a member of the Royal families of the Farus Di Kanon Empire, Nein is a Diver Forcess, and consequently capable of performing Parasimul, Diver Power, Highbrain and Alchemy. Her preference for pyrokinetics earned her the moniker of "The Empress of Flame", and is best exemplified in the burning of the Royal Palace. As the genetic base from which the Chivalries were created, all pureblooded knights share a link of kinship with her on a subconscious level; Swans even goes so far as to call her "mother" at one point!

To extend her life, she has since transferred her consciousness into an crystal’s energy matrix; because diver power is a manifestion of a person’s mental will, she is able to retain all her vast abilities. Her appearance in human form in AD 8383 is actually an "alias", as she no longer possesses an organic body. However, even her technology cannot resist the effects of time; by the time of the Sorcerer Wars, she has long since died. All her appearances in the JC era are a manifestation of herself from the netherworld through Yan Qie, similar to how Amaterasu no Mikoto can sometimes assume a spectral form to assist the AKD.

As a result of her experiences, Nein has a vast knowledge of the Joker Galaxy. As a legacy of the Farus Di Kanon Empire, she leaves 3 gifts for the Joker Era yet to come: the bloodline of Nekkadorah Swans and fatimas, the embryo of the child of Assaram Skins and Princess Vatshu and the Daughter Chip, all of which would play a pivotal role in the shaping of the Galaxy’s future.

Nein will eventually become the defining character of the events during and after the Sorcerer Wars. According to her, the real reason why Megumika summoned her was not simply to meet and pass on her knowledge to the God of Light; it is to aid humanity in mounting a "Majestic Stand" against him should the need ever arise.

NOTE: "Nein" may be a reference to the German number "9". Nein may have been the ninth ruler of the empire.