Falk U. Rognar

Falk U. Rognar

Rognar is the King of the AKD nation of Babylon and Commander-in-chief of the AKD military forces as well as the Mirage Knights. He is also president of the AKD's House of Lords.

Rognar has the special ability to completely regenerate from death, even if he is reduced to ashes. This form of regeneration is superior to the typical flesh regeneration available in the Joker galaxy, because Rognar is regenerated with personality and memories completely intact (though he does have to "grow up" again). He is able to achieve this through a device known as the Daughter Chip. The Daughter is a computer that recieves information from Rognar and keeps a complete record of his mental activity. As it regenerates Rognar, his memories and personality are downloaded into the new body. Note that not all of Rognar's "clones" look exactly the same. There are some minor physical differences between them, though they are all easily recognized as F.U. Rognar. Because the Daughter Chip is remnant technology from the days of the Super Empire, and Rognar posesses the only known chip, he is the only one in the galaxy with this ability.

As a warrior, Rognar is quite possibly the strongest headdliner in the galaxy. While he is only ranked as a Knight Master, he has exhibited strength and skill thus far unmatched in the story. Even the former Kensai Kaien and Ena Dai Gu Fillmore have not exhibited skills as devastating as Rognar's Maximum Buster Typhoon, which is a sword technique so powerful, it can destroy a mortar headd. Eventually, Rognar teaches his ultimate technique to Kaien's son Maximum, who is destined to become the galaxy's greatest knight.

Rognar has always been one of Amaterasu’s strongest supporters and his greatest ally. He stays at Amaterasu’s side throughout the entirety of our story and has the final word. Rognar pilots a LED Mirage, a LED variant called the Babylon, a Jagd Mirage and a custom MH built by Dr. Diamond Neutral called the Mighty Beta (aka Mighty Babylon). Rognar's fatima and wife is Ballanche masterpiece no.7 Eatta.


demonstrating a mortar headd pilot suit

soon after regenerating

Fan Art

Fan art by Falk. Falk’s Web site.

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.