Lie Ex

Lie Ex

A member of the Amaterasu royal family, Lie (pronounced "Lee") is a princess of the Atowight branch of the imperial line. Lie Ex is also a highly skilled engineer, holding doctorates in engineering and physics, and as such is head of Mirage Weaponry Research and Development. She holds three "cords" so she can act as a backup meister to Sop when necessary.

Amaterasu is fond of Lie Ex because of her uncanny resemblance to his mother. Lie is the mother of 1 child, a daughter named Pannar Ex. Pannar will join the Mirage Knights when she comes of age, as well as Lie's grand-daughter Arart Ex. Lie’s fatima is a male model, Ballanche no. 30 Icarus, who will be passed down to her daughter and grand-daughter.

Lie died during the invasion of the Black Three on Float Temple in JC 3010.


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