The Orguss is a powerful and versatile machine that when coupled with an ace pilot like Kei Katsuragi becomes an unstoppable force in battle. When Kei crashed his Bronco II Shaia, captain of the Glomar, offered to rebuild it in exchange for Kei staying aboard and helping them. Reeg, the Glomar’s head technician, sets to work turning the Bronco II’s salvaged parts into his own design, the Orguss. Rather than design everything from scratch, Reeg used arms from an M.Lover. When it was finished Jahby named it Orguss after his people’s god of war.

The Orguss is 8.7 meters tall (about 28.5 feet), has a 50,000 horsepower generator and has 4 transformation modes. It is stored and launched from the Glomar in GERWALK mode. It serves Kei faithfully until the last episode of the show. The Orguss was so successful a design that it was slightly modified and mass produced as the Orguss II.

Orgaroid Mode


Flyer Mode

Tank Mode

Cockpit/Head Gear