Orguss 02

Super Dimensions Century Orguss 02 is a six episode OAV series that ran from December 1993 to April 1995. It was written and directed by Takayama Fumihiko with mecha designs by Abe Kunihiro assisted by Hashimoto Takashi. It is available in North America on DVD at CD Universe and This editor highly recommends it.

In the aftermath of the events of the Orguss TV series fallout from the reactivation of the dimensional bomb on Earth has caused problems on another world. Decimators, humanoid mecha from that world’s future, are discovered and used by different nations to wage war on each other. Lean, a young man from Revilia, is swept up in the impending war with Zafran. He meets a young woman named Nataruma with a secret past and hidden powers. Together they work to survive the events arround them and then, after being contacted by a mysterious individual calling himself Captain, to stop the carnage unfolding between their two nations and restore the dimensional damage. The story has a lot of surprising twists and we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you by giving a summary of the storyline. If you can buy or rent Orguss 02 it will be worth your time.

Although the name is Orguss 02 it’s not so much a sequal as it is a side story. The only character that appears in both stories is Taii. The factions that battled in the Orguss TV series are not present in the world where Orguss 02 takes place. Although it isn’t a direct continuation of the first Orguss’ story, Orguss 02 gives a fascinating portrayal of how dimensional devices can have far-reaching consequences.

Unfortunately, here at Gears Online we can’t find mechanical designs from Orguss 02 other than the Orguss 2 itself shown below.

Orguss 2
Orguss 2 in orgaroid mode

Orguss 2
Orguss 2 in flyer mode