Taii means "captain" in Japanese. Taii is discovered by Mohm in episode 9 and she decides to fix him. Mohm’s request is granted and Taii joins the Glomar’s crew. Taii is a Mu combat robot who suffered damage to his electronic brain during a fight. Taii helps the crew but is reluctant to fight the Glomar’s enemies wholeheartedly until his conflicting loyalties cause a mental breakdown in episode 24. Mohm fixes his programming and he no longer has any trouble fighting against the Mu or anyone who threatens his new friends.

Being a combat robot, Taii has internal weaponry. The visor above his eyes drops down to cover them when his chest plates open to reveal devastating missile launchers. Taii is also proficient with a variety of handheld weapons.

In episode 30 Taii feels very alone aboard the Glomar and decides to join the Mu nation. Once among the Mu, Taii learns more about their fanatical devotion to destroying organic life and even robots who resemble humans. Taii is disgusted with the Mu and, after sabotaging their warp system that allows them to mount surprise teleportation attacks, rejoins the Glomar.

In the final episode Taii sacrifices himself to hold off the Mu long enough to help his comrades reach the base of the orbital elevator. Although it looks like he dies in the fighting, we learn in the Orguss 02 OAV series that he was transported to another world when the Earth was restored. Once there, he notices dimensional anomalies causing problems for that world’s residents and sets to work resolving the situation.