The Glomar is an Emaan ship with Shaia Tobu as captain. It roams to and fro across the land picking up salvage parts and broken down vehicles and equipment to repair and sell at bazaars the crew put on in towns along their travel path. The Glomar is 60 meters long, 37.5 meters wide and 24 meters high. Although it wasn’t built to be a military vessel it has various weapons installed for self defense. There are also numerous weapon ports for the crew to use hand-held weapons.


Underside & Loading Doors


With Demolisher Cannon Mounted

Cockpit/Control Room

With Sail Deployed

The Glomar’s sail is used in episode 10 when the main engines giving forward propulsion are damaged. Other engines allow the Glomar to lift up off the ground but the sail is used to move forward until the propulsion engines are fixed.