Orguss Emaan Mecha

Tobu Clan Elder Assembly (click for larger view)

An Emaan City (click for larger view)

In the anime, the Emaan come from another world which was forced to fuse with the Earth after the detonation of the Time/Space Bomb. They look exactly like humans expect for slender tentacle-like growths attached to the base of the neck. Men have one while women have two.

Emaan society is divided into powerful clans that coexist with each other peacefully. Their technology exceeds human knowledge in most areas but they are not able to return to their own world or repair the Earth’s dangerous predicament.

The Emaan are a peace loving people but later in the story they have reason to believe the Chiram are working to remove them from reality completely. The different clans disagree on what to do but send their armed forces to deal with the problem.