Athena Henderson

The daughter of Kei and Tina, Athena is a serious and conscientious woman who puts duty first. Her strong loyalty to the Chiram military command make it difficult for her to act against her orders when she learns of the selfish motives of her leaders. Athena is trained by Olson after he appears from the dimensional gate and her admiration of him turns to thoughts of love that she has difficulty expressing.

Her feelings for Olson make her unable to act against him. A skilled pilot, she aids him after the Chiram military declare him a traitor and saves Kei and Olson’s lives several times before the Chiram and Emaan forces unify.

Athena is aggravated by her father Kei right up until the final episode. His nature runs opposite to hers and she can’t help feeling like he abandoned her even though he couldn’t help being catapulted into the future.

Athena is assigned to the Glomar in episode 33 to protect the two tokuitens (Kei and Olson). She plays an important part in the final battle to get the two men to the top of the orbital elevator.