Mallory Viewlard Hierarchy
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Mallory Viewlard Hierarchy

One of the of the Tempest Princess Trio, Mallory is the representative of the House of Meister as Prince Iente’s fiancee. She is the younger sister of Mission Roauth, and is Deimos Hierachy’s last disciple.

Not much is known about Mallory’s past, other than that she was also estranged from the Roauth family as Mission was at an early age. While wandering the galaxy, she caught the eye of Iente Meister, whom she would later marry. After her engagement, Lizard Meistner will recognise her bloodline and appoint her as official headdliner of the Meistner House.

Her first assignment as representative of Meistner will be to help Sayley Colus in capturing the rogue Colus Princess Arr Fortissimo Melody. Unfortunately, while travelling to the rendezvous point of Heista, Mallory exhausts her (considerable) budget, and is forced to hitch a ride from Aisha Codante, who happened to be passing by. Mallory is currently in the city of Heista in the Hathuha state of Nekakarah, and will presumably be following Arr to Lann in the near future.

In JC 3075, Mallory will assist in the liberatation of Hathuhunt as part of the Tempest Princess Trio, and will be part of the assault force attacking the southern wall of the city. There, she will receive a Baptism-under-fire as a member of the Trio de Colus.

As a descendant of Nakandarah Swans and Jester Roauth, Mallory is a top calibre headdliner. As the last disciple of Sword Saint Heirachy, and has inherited his name and one of his signature moves: Mortar Boom. She has also taken the name of Viewlard, which is her brother’s alias. As with all members of the Tempest Princess Trio, Mallory possesses a mortar headd of the Engage series and one of the 4 Wind Fatimas of Arsenic Ballanche (in this case, the Engage Mk II and La Monsoon). She can also perform "mademoiselle’s special kick", but has only used it against her brother, with significantly less potency as a result.

Mallory seems to have inherited a large portion of the direct, spunky attitude characteristic of the Roauth family; In her meeting with Aisha, she has no qualms in casually tossing off Aisha’s crowning as Queen of Roumer, dismissing it as a demotion from Princess of Codante. Mallory is also rather flippant about her finances; she makes her debut on the roadside after spending her funds on King suites in hotels costing 5000 feathers a night. Like her brother, Mallory is rather slapdash in her treatment of fatimas; she wastes no time in getting Monsoon into her decadant suit to attract passersby, a strategy copied from Viewlard in Volume 2. She even comments on Monsoon’s beauty, causing her unfortunate fatima great mental distress.

Mallory will eventually start a family after marrying Iente. Her descendant, Daizina Meister, will eventually become the consort of Colus VI.