Arr Fortissimo Melody

Arr Fortissimo Melody

The heir to the disbanded Colus house of Melody, Arr is currently in the service of Hathuha. She is one of the Tempest Princess Trio, the premier headdliners of Colus XXIV’s time, and is House Melody’s representative.

Originally expected to become the most powerful headdliner of the Trio de Colus, Arr was branded a traitor and disappeared after the disbanding of House Melody, which took place because its head, Piano Melody, had an affair with the Shaman of Atoll, Natrium Funfuto. After decades of wandering around the Galaxy as a "vagrant", she will debut in the storyline about to leave Izumo Astro City in JC 3007. Arr will settle down in JC 3010 in Hathuha at the request of Magdall Atoll, becoming the bodyguard to Magdall and combat instructor to Depre Beat Atoll.

In JC 3030, Arr evacuates with Depre to the Atoll stronghold of Swans after the beginning of the Sorcerer Wars. Accompanied by Pelker and Henka, she will travel to the state Nekakarah to raise support for Hathuha, and to draw the attention of Colus’s forces away from Swans. However, she comes under attack by Green Neiper and his Auge, and will paradoxically be saved by Saylay Colus. She is currently heading to the Sacred Palace Lann after unsuccessfully attempting to elict the help of Nekkakarah.

In JC 3075, Arr will help liberate Hathuhunt as part of the Tempest Princess Trio. She will be responsible for the assault on the southern wall of the city.

Arr, like most of Colus royalty, is a dropout from Wind High School. As heir to the Melody house, she possesses the Engage Octaver SR-1, revered as "the most beautiful mortar headd in the Galaxy" and the Male Kaienken, both heirlooms of Sword Saint Harricone. In fact, her status as pilot of the Engage is the cause of Nieper’s attack. Her Fatima is La Hurricane, one of the 4 Wind Fatimas created by Arsenic Ballanche. She is the premier practitioner of the swordsmanship of Rondo, and her disciple is Majole Lienenheite, prince of the Ballanka family. She was also taught "Mom's Special Kick" by Iemarah Lout Jajas, and will use it to great and devastaing effect again Kaien after renaming it "mademoiselle’s special kick".