Saylay Colus

Saylay Colus

The eldest daughter of Colus XXIII and Elmelah Colus, Saylay is the second of the Tempest Princess Trio, and is the representative of the Royal Colus line. The Commander-in-Chief of the Trio de Colus headdliner forces, she represents Colus XXIV in her brother’s place, since he never takes up his role as headdliner-king at the insistence of their mother Elmelah.

Saylay actually makes her first appearance in the Colus/Hagooda war in JC 2989, where she is portrayed as a meek, gentle girl. However, after her father dies, she metamorphoses into a beautiful, arrogant and somewhat bullheaded character under Elmelah’s conditioning. In true Colus fashion, she flunks spectacularly out of Wind High School, after the style of her forebears. Saylay makes her reappeance in the manga in JC 3010, when she meets Jacquos Quon Hash and offhandedly mocks him on her way to commision the construction of the Engage SR-3. During the Majestic Stand in JC 3030, Saylay attempts to dissuade Fillmore from entering the conflict in Atoll, because it would conflict with Colus’s goal of capturing former Princess and rogue headdliner Arr Fortissimo Melody. Diplomacy having failed, she personally goes to Hathuha in order to recover the original Colus Flag mortar headd, the Engage SR-1, unwittingly rescuing Arr in the process and unofficially declaring Colus an ally of Hathuha.

Saylay will assist in the liberatation of Hathuhunt as part of the Tempest Princess Trio in JC 3075, and will be part of the assault force attacking the southern wall of the city.

As the daughter and eldest child of Colus XXIII, Saylay is an incredibly powerful headliner, and has inherited the signature technique of the Colus Royal Family: Breakdown Typhoon. She is an extremely filial daughter, and has never forgiven Fillmore for the death of Colus XXIII. Her Fatima is La Cyclone of the four Wind Fatimas, who is continually amazed and befuddled by her master’s outrageous and bizzare antics. She also pilots the Flagship MH of the Trio de Colus, the one-of-a-kind Engage SR-3, nicknamed "Saylay Junchoon" since it resembles her father’s mortar headd quite closely.

At times, Saylay has been shown to be very rash in her actions: After she fails to dissuade Dai Gu from entering Hathuha, she throws a temper tantrum, stripping right down to her underwear in the process. In the same way, she casually taunts Arr for having smelly feet and dark skin, causing Arr to reveal her biggest secret: she was a bedwetter until well into High School.

Saylay will eventually marry and start a family: her son will eventually become Colus V, since Colus IV leaves no heirs. Her grandson, Colus VI, is the future protagonist of Five Star Stories and will be immortalized as the Galaxy’s liberator.


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