Deimos Hierarchy

Deimos Hierarchy

A former FEMC #1, Deimos Hierarchy is one of the most celebrated headdliners in Joker history. The mentor of the infamous Dougulas Kaien, Hierarchy is a descendant of pure blood headdliners and thus is one of the strongest headdliners in the galaxy. His swordsmanship is considered to be matchless and counts such notable headdliners as Bugle de’Leizer (Schaft) as his pupils.

Originally from Addler, Hierarchy met Dr. Ballanche and Lady Sop during a civil war. Hierarchy was playing the role of mercenary in order to keep his skills sharp and encountered the wayward pair. When Lady Sop survived and countered Hierarchy’s masterstroke, the famous Echo Blade, Hierarchy became intrigued by this seemingly fragile headdliner. Eventually Lady Sop was revealed to be Amaterasu of Delta Belune and Hierarchy was recruited as FEMC #1, where he helped Emperor Amaterasu build the Mirage Corps.

Deimos Hierarchy was the recipient of the most coveted title in swordsmanship: Kensai (Sword Saint) and his skills were in high demand. He was even called to take temporary possession of the newly commissioned Vatshu in order to keep unsavory headdliners from attempting to steal it. While riding in the Vatshu, Hierarchy performed the mortar headd technique Breakdown Typhoon. Est teaches this technique to her masters from that point forward.

Deimos Hierarchy’s fatima was originally Salome, a high-quality factory brand Fatima (though she was built under the direction of Dr. Ballanche) though eventually, he takes Ballanche Fatima no.1, Queen, as his fatima. His mortar headd was the Water Dragon, a custom-built Mirage Machine given to Hierarchy by Amaterasu.


In His Later Years

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