DGG-XAM3C Dai Lioh (Great Lioh)

DGG-XAM3C Dai Lioh

An upgraded form of Lioh by Minaki, The Dai Lioh is a true Double G unit. Its full name is "Dynamic Lightning Over", but was shortened by Touma to simply Dai Lioh (or Dairaioh "Great Lightning Phoenix"). Dai Lioh has much larger plasma coverters and is equipped with a large back booster, allowing flight in an atmosphere.

Touma continued to pursue his rivaly against Baran Doban. However, even the power of Dai Lioh was still not enough to defeat Bemidban and part of its face got smashed by the hammer leaving a big scar and Minaki could only put an eyepatch-like cover over it. At first, Touma considered reinstalling the LIOH System but eventually droped the idea and relied on his own strength. In battle against Hazal Gozzo of Ze Balmary Empire, Minaki activated Dai Lioh’s plasma drive to its fullest and Touma performed a new ultimate attack called "Jinrai" (God Lightning). This was proof that Touma’s strength had surpassed the LIOH System. When Dai Lioh performs Jinrai its eyepatch and faceguard are removed to reveal a human-like face capable of expressions like Dygenguar and Auseinseiter.


DGG-XAM3C Dai Lioh (Great Lioh)
53.8 meters
148.6 tons
Touma Kanou
SRW Attack List:

Harken Impulse Drive
Counter Spike Charge
Plasma Spiral Dive
Rising Meteor Inferno