DGG-XAM2 Auseinseiter

DGG-XAM2 Auseinseiter

The Auseinseiter was designed by the leader of Divine Crusader, Bian Zoldak for his trusted officer, Elzam Von Branstein. When Bian was killed, the incomplete Double G was transported to Tesla Leich Institue for completion. The development was’t completed until aliens known as Inspector captured Tesla Leich, forcing the staff to secretly adjust it. Elzam, under his disguise as Ratsel Feinschmecker, launched in his Double G to assist Sanger and called it "Auseinseiter" ("dark horse" in German).

While Auseinseiter cannot fly it has incredible speed. Its weapons are a pair of "Lanzer Kanone" beam rifles with bayonets and can use its shoulder plate as a throwing weapon. Ratsel also has his signature move called "Sturm Angriff", where Ratsel utilises the speed of Auseinseiter in close combat. In SRW OG2, Auseinseiter will dash to close range then stab an enemy with the bayonet, lift it in the air and shoot at point blank range. In SRW Alpha 3, Auseinseiter will jump into the middle of an enemy squad and wildly swing and shoot Lanzer Kanone, damaging all enemies in the process. Auseinseiter also has the ability to transform into Brufelt mode, a black horse which Dygenguar can mount on to perform Tatsumaki Zankantou.


DGG-XAM2 Auseinseiter
54.9 meters
165.5 tons
Ratsel Feinschmecker (Elzam Von Branstein)
SRW Attack List:

Lanzer Kanone
Lanzer Kanone W
Sturm Angriff