DGG-XAM1 Dygenguar

DGG-XAM1 Dygenguar

Also known as Daisanger (or Dygenguard in U.S. translation). Codenamed Double G, Dygenguar was designed by Bian Zoldak, leader of Divine Crusader for his trusted officer Sanger Zonvolt. When Bian was killed, the incomplete Double G was transported to Tesla Leich Institue for completion. Development wasn’t completed until an alien group known as Inspector captured Tesla Leich, forcing the staff to secretly finish it. Double G made a debut when Sanger’s Grungust Type 3 was heavily damaged in battle against Inspector mech, Galgau. Sanger moved into Double G and named it Dygenguar (when written in katakana it’s identical to Daisanger "Great Sanger"). However, Dygenguar was far from complete as none of its weapons were usable and it could barely move since the OS was incomplete. Wordan Ymir, an android based on Sanger’s data from a parallel world, helped his rival by tossing Grungust Type 3’s Zankantou (Colossal Blade) to Dygenguar and Filio Presty quickly modified the OS. Since they needed every fighting force available, Sanger refused to have Dygenguar’s original weapon restored as it would take a full month to complete.

Dygenguar uses the Direct Motion Link (DML) system, which allows Sanger to control it by his movements. This system allows Sanger to perform various attacks using only liquid metal Sankantou (he never restored Dyganguar’s original weapon afterward). The Sankantou will change its shape according to an attack, ranging from a normal katana to an extraordinarily large boardsword. It can fly and may mount on Auseinseiter in Brufelt mode.


DGG-XAM1 Dygenguar
55.4 meters
142.7 tons
Sanger Zonvolt
SRW Attack List:

Dynamic Knuckle
Geberal Blaster
Guardian Sword
Zankantou Denkousekka (Lightning Speed, Colossal Burst in English verion)
Zankantou Daisharin (Big Swing, Colossal Spinner in English verion)
Zankantou Raikou Giri (Lightning Slice, Colossal Thunder in English verion)
Zankantou Unyou no Tachi (Blade of a Shining Cloud, Colossal Storm in English verion)
Combination Attack:
with Auseinseiter: Tatsumaki Zankantou (Tornado Blade in English verion)