Another Double G machine designed by Bian Zoldak, leader of Divine Crusader. Unlike first two Double Gs, Lioh’s development was adopted by Professer Kaoru Toomine of Toomine Laboratory. After Profeser Kaoru’s death his daughter, Minaki Toomine, completes the Lioh. The name Lioh (or Raioh – "Lightning Phoenix") is derived from its operating system: LIOH (Lead Innovation Organic Harmony). LIOH boosts the pilot’s fighting ability by forcing the brain to produce large amounts of adrenaline, turning the pilot into a deadly soldier. Unknown to Minaki, Bian never accepted Kaoru’s ideal to create a world of perfect soldiers and Kaoru took over its development as his revenge, defiling Bian’s work with his LIOH System.

When the Ze Balmary Empire made their second invasion of Earth, a delivery boy name Touma Kanou was at the lab and eventually become pilot for the Lioh. Touma continued to work as the Lioh’s test pilot afterward despite the side effects of the LIOH System. When he reached his limit, Touma was driven berserk and attacked his own allies before finally being defeated by Sanger’s Dygenguar. Minaki, finally learning about her father’s sinister intentions, shut down the LIOH System. Touma decided to continue his career as a test pilot asking Minaki to install the Direct Motion Link System in the Lioh. With advice from Sanger, Touma quickly mastered the DML system and even pulled out his own ultimate attack, Rising Meteor.

The Lioh’s primary weapons are plasma converters on its legs and all of its attack are kicking technique (this, combined with a red scarf, made it an obvious tribute to Kamen Rider). Lioh may generate plasma leader from its knuckles and use it to pull enemies closer as well.

Touma later clashed with Baran Doban, a warrior of the Ze Balmary Empire and set their rivalry. Lioh eventually got heavy damage from the hammer of Baran’s Bemidban and Minaki upgraded it into the more powerful Dai Lioh.


48.3 meters
122.5 tons
Touma Kanou, Minaki Toomine
SRW Attack List:

Harken Impulse
Counter Break
Lightning Fall
Rising Meteor