Ten Little Gall Force

Ten Little Gall Force is an anime OAV that parodies Gall Force Eternal Story and Gall Force Destruction. It gets its name from the fact that there are ten main characters when the casts of Eternal Story and Destruction are put together. It was released on Jul 3, 1988. This parody takes the form of a mock "behind the scenes" look at the filming of the first 2 chapters of the Gall Force anime. The characters are the cast of Eternal Story and Destruction with a few extras like the director, producer, special effects technician, etc. All of the characters and machines are rendered in the "super deformed" style which means they are squat-looking and cutesy.

Ten Little Gall Force was released in North America along with Scramble Wars on a VHS tape titled Super Deformed Double Feature by AnimEigo. Scramble Wars is another super deformed-style parody that includes characters from Gall Force (along with characters from Bubblegum Crisis and Genesis Survivor Gaiarth). If you can find a copy of this tape it’s great for a laugh.


Eluza’s Corvette

Lufy’s Limo

Lufy is a pampered celebrity and is driven everywhere in a pink limousine. It even has robotic arms to throw other cars out of the way!

Robots Toil-2 and Ail-1

Special Effects Room

Commander Dohn

Jet Blowgun

4 Legged Drone

Bronze X

Struggle Diver