Gall Force
Gall Force Stardust

Gall Force 3 Stardust War is a science-fiction anime OAV that was released on November 21st, 1987 (according to AIC’s Web site - other sources say it was released in the autumn of 1988). It picks up right where Destruction left off. This chapter of the story focuses on plot but there is still a healthy dose of space battles. The full details of the underlying story and Solnoid history are revealed. Sonoda Kenichi provided character designs and Kakinuma Hideki wrote the script and contributed some of the mechanical designs. Most Mechanical designs were done by Yumeno Rei and Yamane Kimitoshi.

The band of Solnoid soldiers left drifting in space at the end of Destruction are found by a recovery ship and taken to the Sigma Narse star system where the Solnoid and Paranoid fleets are gathering for the final battle in their long war. Catty takes the group to see Captain Nebulart, head of Solnoid Intelligence. Everyone is stunned to see Captain Nebulart looks exactly like Catty (only a little older). Captain Nebulart explains to them the history behind the Species Unification Plan and how the battle about to begin around them will be the final one for both races. In an attempt to convince both sides to call off the conflict they reactivate the super computer Elision on planet Embryo and broadcast their plea to the ships of both fleets. When the plea is ignored Nebulart and the others gather the sum total knowledge of the Solnoid race from Elision’s databanks and encode it on a chip that they send rocketing towards Chaos, the moon of Terra. They decide that even though their races are doomed they can still pass on knowledge to the race that will soon develop on Terra.

Gall Force 3 Stardust War is available on DVD and is highly recommended.