Gall Force
Gall Force Eternal Story

Gall Force Eternal Story is a feature length movie that was released on July 26th, 1986. With awesome fleet battles in space and a large array of innovative science-fiction designs it isn’t surprising that it remains a fan favorite on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Well known artist Sonoda Kenichi provided character designs and Kakinuma Hideki wrote the original story and did the mechanical designs. Eternal Story is actually a revision and expansion of the Gall Force story Star Front.

The story opens with a fierce battle between two fleets in space. The Solnoids, who appear human but are made up of only females, and the Paranoids, cyborg creatures who fuse with different machine bodies, have been locked in a desparate struggle for many years that has deteriorated to the point that for both sides victory and survival are one and the same. The crew of the Star Leaf has quickly been reduced to only seven members in the fighting and they are ordered to travel to Chaos, a recently terraformed moon of Terra in the 9th solar system (this is before there were any humans on Earth). Along the way they are attacked by the Damoth, a Paranoid ship under the leadership of Commander Dohn. A strange monster infiltrates the Star Leaf and infects one of the crew. The crew learns later that Commander Dohn was part of a secret project being pursued by members of both races and was never interested in destroying the Star Leaf. After damage sustained in the large battle causes the Star Leaf to become unstable only three crew members are able to escape in the Blossom landing base. The Blossom takes them to Chaos where the life form implanted in Patty makes its presense known and grows rapidly into a male version of its host. When the Damoth arrives with ships from the Solnoid Central Guard right behind it the Star Leaf’s survivors take desperate action to protect the new life form and one of their own.

Eternal Story starts the story arc that reaches its conclusion in Stardust War. This story deals with one of the main concerns of the mid 80s: nuclear war. Two races are locked in full scale war and as the conflict stretches out through the years technological advances allow the creation of weapons so destructive that factions on both sides realize they must end the fighting. This was no doubt an expression of fears that the U.S. and Soviet Union might enter a war that would be settled with nuclear fire.

Gall Force is available on DVD and is highly recommended.