Schell Bullet

Schell Bullet is a two volume novel written by animation director Ikuhara Kunihiko and illustrated by Nagano Mamoru (of Gundam and Five Star Stories fame). Volume 1, Aden Arabie, was released in 1999 and volume 2, Abraxas, was released in 2000.

Although little is known to English speakers, the story revolves around Ors Break, a young pilot for the Balt Liner Corporation. In the future humanity is divided into gene majors, stronger and more intelligent, and gene minors. Although pilot positions usually go to gene majors Ors manages to get the position and soon finds himself in over his head.

The starships and mecha of Schell Bullet are partially made up of genetically engineered organic matter. Nagano’s anime style diagrams of these machines show organs as well as engines and nerve centers as well as computers.