AB-01 Tread

AB-01 Tread

While the Legioss was still in the planning stages development began for its support craft, the Tread. The Tread is one of the new weapons developed for the Second Invasion Fleet. Planning notes for Genesis Climber Mospeada list the Tread’s original name as TLEAD: Transport Legioss Escort Armored Dreadnought. The Tread is a reinforced booster for the purpose of increasing the Legioss’ cruising distance and combat efficiency both inside and outside the influence of gravity. The Tread can transform from an armo-bomber into a heavy armo-soldier and can play a role as a backup for the Legioss in space or as a supporting weapon that can act independently from the Legioss on the ground. In addition to the above, bombing is an important function. It can fit many different types of munitions inside, such as napalm bombs. The Tread we see most in Genesis Climber Mospeada is painted blue and white but other Treads are green and white. There are probably red Treads used by Jupiter Base. Unlike the Legioss, the Tread has space inside for two or three passengers. Aisha and Mint sometimes have to take refuge in the Tread.

AB-01 Tread
Total Length:
8.72 meters
Total Width:
18.36 meters
Total Height:
3.7 meters
Maximum Speed:
Mach 2.8 (at altitude 18,000 meters/59,055 feet)
Total Height:
10.5 meters
Total Width:
7.48 meters
Maximum Speed:
(main) AB-S-101 maximum output: 2040shp x2 / (secondary) ATF-404 maximum output: 1800kg x1
air to air missiles x48, 3 linked laser bomb launcher x2, napalm bomb x72, triple barrel 30mm vulcan cannon x3, 3 linked rapid fire laser cannon x2
26.4 tons
Other Names:
TLEAD, Beta (Robotech)

Armo-Bomber Mode

Armo-Soldier Mode


Tread Re-Imagined

In a 2007 issue of Hobby Japan Magazine Kakinuma Hideki discussed the mecha designs of Genesis Climber Mospeada and shared an illustration where he imagined a re-design of the Tread. His words follow.

P-51 Mustang (Revell 1:32 Mustang)
When I was in sixth grade, I had a 1:32 P-51 that I’d built and then ignored. One day, I painted "invasion stripes" on it, and it came back to life as something else! Since then, I’ve always painted black and white bands on American and British fighters. No matter what unheard of SF mecha it was, just adding these "invasion stripes" magically made it a military unit! This became the marking concept for Mospeada’s mecha.

Dread 1
The "Dread" name for this Tread prototype is from Dreadnought. A block of propellant and engines to carry a Legioss from Mars to the Earth sphere... is what I was going for. Below is the first sketch drawn around 1983. I designed it in the style of the Nostromo from Alien but the director said it "doesn’t look like a flying mecha without wings!" so it was rejected. An unmanned mecha. It even transforms!

Dread 2
The producer said "Can we have all the fighters transform?", so this is the 2nd version of the Dread I thought up. The first plan was for an "unmanned fighter", so there’s no cockpit! And of course, it transforms into a robot! Combining the Dread 1 and Dread 2 resulted in the final "Tread" design we all(?) know...