Genesis Climber Mospeada Production Art

Mospeada production art

Planning for Genesis Climber Mospeada created a lot of production art. Did you know Rei was originally going to be called Shun and Houquet was going to be called Nora? The large number of interesting mecha designs that were rejected hints at big plans by Studio Artmic. A few early designs for the Mospeada have "Police" painted on the side. Kakinuma Hideki had this to say in an interview:

About the transforming bike, there was a plan for "AD Patrol" (unpublished) that was a story of the city police. The main character rides a mortobike, which changes into his partner robot. That’s why the design drawing of the bike has "police" on it as the very first set up. We created the concept of a mortorbike transforming into a fortified suit back then. So, it’s rooted on the future police story.








Many of the images on this page are from The Imai Files by Roger Harkavy.