AFC01H Legioss (Eta)


Originally, the armo-fighter was a defensive weapon used in conflicts between the colonies. However, during the campaign to retake Earth, a joint effort between the colonies was undertaken to repurpose and refine it as an anti-Inbit weapon. The result was the Legioss, one of the new weapons developed for the Second Invasion Fleet. The Legioss can fight in any environment: in outer space, in an atmosphere and on the ground. The Legioss is the successor to the Condor armo-soldier that was used by the First Invasion Fleet. It can be connected to the Tread to extend its range and firepower.

The mass produced model, the AFC-01I Iota, is typical of the Legioss’ form, specifications and performance. Two variants of the Legioss, also designated by letters from the Greek alphabet, are seen in Genesis Climber Mospeada. The Eta is designed for squad leaders while the Zeta is a high performance variant. Each Legioss contains one Armor-Bike in the chest that the pilot can use in emergency situations. The Eta is manufactured at Mars Base. Because the Eta is designed to be a commander’s machine it has a better computer system than other Legioss.

AFC01H Legioss (Eta)
Total Length:
10.25 meters
Total Width:
6.4 meters
Total Height:
3.6 meters
Maximum Speed:
Mach 2.3 (at altitude 18,000 meters/59,055 feet)
() denotes when arms are folded back
Total Length:
6.9 meters (8.85 meters)
Total Width:
4.3 meters (6.4 meters)
Total Height:
6.05 meters (5.2 meters)
Maximum Speed:
312km/hour(680km/hour) (at altitude 10 meters)
Total Height:
8.75 meters
Total Width:
4.3 meters
Maximum Walking Speed:
about 120km/hour
Maximum Jump Height:
about 200 meters
(main) JG-97M maximum output: 1840shp x2 / (secondary) ATF-401 maximum output: 4800kg x4
internal missiles maximum 60, 80mm beam cannon
Dry Weight:
16.7 tons
Other Names:
Alpha (Robotech)

Armo-Fighter Mode

Armo-Diver Mode

Armo-Soldier Mode

Armo-Fighter Cockpit

Armo-Soldier Cockpit


Legioss Re-Imagined

In a 2007 issue of Hobby Japan Magazine Kakinuma Hideki discussed the mecha designs of Genesis Climber Mospeada and shared an illustration where he imagined a re-design of the Legioss. His words follow.

F-18 Hornet (1994)
I think it was in 1994; the US military celebrated the 50th anniversary of D-Day by flying F-18’s painted with invasion stripes! But I was ahead of them at putting invasion stripes on a swept wing fighter by 10 years! (probably...) I think there was maybe a kit that came with stripes?

Legioss (1984)
As the Mars military’s plan to descend on Earth is a futuristic "Normandy", let’s put invasion stripes on everyone involved! ...was my suggestion, but the lack of military interest on the scene left it underappreciated. Still, I managed to get them on the main fighter. (As for other SF mecha with black and white stripes, I managed to push them onto the later "Gall Force" OVA. And I will continue to do so! Such tenacity...)

Legioss (2007)
Right here, right now, I came up with this modern style Legioss! Nowadays it would be this sort of thing. It can still use the same transformation mechanic as the original! (probably...)