Yellow Belmont

Yellow Belmont

Yellow was a soldier in the First Invasion Fleet that tried to take the Earth back from the Inbit. Yellow made it down to Earth but found himself on the run from the Inbit soldier hunts. Yellow’s girlfriend had the idea of disguising him as a woman and passing him off as a traveling singer. The disguise worked and allowed Yellow to travel freely while making some money and looking for other soldiers to join.

Yellow finally meets Stick’s group and joins them whole-heartedly. He is a faithful friend and skilled soldier during the long journey. He rides a Browsuperior and operates the Tread when Stick’s group finds it abandoned on a battlefield.

Once Yellow began working as a musician he discovered a love for music. He writes his own songs and teaches himself to play instruments. During the journey to Reflex Point Yellow sings to the group to keep their spirits up. When the Inbit conflict is over he publicly throws down his feminine disguise on stage and continues his career as a musician. The OAV Love, Live, Alive shows Yellow giving a concert and then returning to his cabin in the woods that he shares with Sorji.

Yellow is a bit of a show stealer. He’s the favorite of many Mospeada fans and of many Mospeada staff members during the show’s production and planning. Character designer Amano Yoshitaka said in interviews that Yellow was his favorite character to draw.

Yellow Belmont
Place of birth:
Mars, Mars Base
Writing lyrics, writing songs, synthesizer performance
Special skills:
Crossdressing, medical knowledge, knitting
Jazz, Lennie Tristano
Blood type:
Favorite phrase:
I want to die beautiful.
Preferred type:
Uglies, idiots, and old maids are the worst. If she’s beautiful...