Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes (AKD)

Location: Delta Belune, Eastern solar system
Ruler: Amaterasu Dis Gran Grees Eidas IV    (genealogical table)
Type: Imperium
Capital: Float Temple
Flag MH: Knight of Gold
Paramount Knights: Falk U. Rognar (FEMC #4), King of Babiron; Aisha Codante (FEMC #2), Princess of Grees
Palace Guard: First Easter Mirage Corps. (Mirage Knights) (number unrevealed)
Mortar Headds: Horned Mirage (retired), LED Mirage, Cross Mirage, Terror Mirage, Rouge Mirage, Jagd Mirage, Blood Temple, Kan
Knights of the Realm: Gods Knights (300), Various other Knight Orders (1700+)
AKD Power Structure
Grees and Babiron Military Structures
Mishuru Dukedom (west continent of Addler) Power Structure
Trazano Republic (Delta Belun's South Zone) Power Structure

The Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes is the governing body of the entirety of Delta Belune. It is the only planet with a united population. For this reason, Delta Belune alone in the galaxy has known relative peace and tranquility since its consolidation in JC 2878.

The AKD’s total hegemony over Delta Belune is rivaled only by the Fillmore Empire's influence over Kalamity Godarce (though the AKD can only muster about 1/3rd of Fillmore's military might). However, the AKD's real power and influence comes from the Divers Guild; a guild of seers, time-travelers and sorcerers who are rumored to control the galaxy from the shadows.

The AKD has many member nations. The foremost is the emperor's nation of birth, the Kingdom of Grees. The next most influential nation is that of its military commander (Rognar) the Kingdom of Babiron. Other important kingdoms, dukedoms and nations include: Lumors in the territory of Melkor, Ciut (member of Babiron) Stakker in the territory of Crytharis, Cross in the Codante family demesne, Passport, Passtok, the Dukedom of Atowight and Mu-Suluticca. The AKD's population is a diverse lot made up of many races, ethnic groups and cultures.

The AKD underwent quite a change in JC 3998. By this time the FEMC had disappeared from public view and were no longer present on Float Temple. Amaterasu IV became a harsh ruler and the Gods Knights changed in several ways. The emblem of the Gods Knights changed and they began using the Kan as their primary mortar headd. Some began suspecting that the emperor had undergone a change...

Emblems of the AKD

Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes (AKD)
Crest of the AKD
Another emblem of the AKD
Amaterasu Royal Family
Kingdom of Grees
   The Blood Cross of the First Easter Mirage Corp (FEMC)
Gods Knights before JC 3998

Gods Knights after JC 3998