Frame, Engine System, Control Setup

It is readily apparent how the knight’s and fatima’s cockpits sit upon the frame. You can see that quite some thought has been given to protection even for such hardy souls as knights and fatimas. From this state the individual sections will be built up with dynamos, condensors, extensive hydraulic cables and cylinders, backup propulsion motors, and support armor. The final armoring also includes bypasses in the armor and support structure for the power cylinders, so while technically the MH can move in this state, it can’t be called proper articulation. As expected, final armoring is really necessary. Most importantly there’s still no face on this MH.

Fatima Shell

Occupies essentially the same position as the cerebrum.

Fatima Cockpit Main Hatch

Boarding hatch position may vary by MH. Sandwich armored in neotitanium and metrotechachrome.

Passage Bulkhead

Normally only to here, but for space combat it can be extended to the knight cockpit. Since the neck has no other equipment, it is not uncommon for fatima to use the throat hatch as an exit.

Knight Cockpit

The knight’s control devices are set on a floating platform. Clearly the knight cockpit is set well inside the most durable part of the MH.

Cockpit Internal Armor

The cockpit is already protected by the armor, frame, and engine plating, but in the event that violent damage causes internal components to come loose and strike the cockpit, there is an additional layer protecting the knight.

It has been stated previously that the keel essentially supports the entire torso and manages its movement, but in this case eight power cylinders have been added for movement support. This also serves to reinforce the empty torso. Other units like the Type J Huge Hauters Stratoweapon have only the keel for their torso.

Knee Block

The knee blocks are build with the strongest damper system to support the load of an entire MH. They also serve as a base attachment point for many of the armor linkages. Further, regardless of the impressiveness of the power cylinders, crouching still relies on the knee joints being able to release the clutch appropriately as part of the motion sequence.

Hydraulic oil frequently leaks from the joints in MH combat, but fatimas don’t pay it much attention as oil loss from damage is not sufficient to impair combat ability. This is because the oil lost tends to be coolant oil or reserve damper fluid.