Knight Cockpit

Monitor Panel

Projects a view of the scenery outside the MH. As the projected image shares the MH’s field of view, the cockpit sits on a spherical base allowing the display to follow the knight’s movement; when looking down, the panel shifts downward appropriately; when looking up, the panel moves upward, etc. Thus there is no need for a 360° monitor. The only time this is not the case is when displaying a direct rear view onto the screen. "Turning away in combat" is obviously suicidal, so when a rear view is absolutely necessary the fatima can route the rear camera to the front display.

Arm Control Unit

Cockpit Entry Hatch


Frequently designed to match the MH’s head.

Upper side monitor folded aside.

Hatch leading to fatima cockpit.


Cockpit Outer Wall

Floating Unit

The knight cockpit is free-floating.

Moving Stage for Monitor Screen Unit

To maintain optimal viewing angles, the entire monitor panel shifts in all directions to follow the knight’s movements.

Leg control unit

Hinge to collapse forward monitor