Fatima Cockpit

Forward Boarding Hatch

Between here and the forehead boarding cover are triple armored shutters; head damage is not sufficient to force this hatch.

Connection hatch to the knight cockpit below. This hatch can be used to extract the knight in emergencies, as the knight cockpit is more likely to be destroyed than the fatima shell.

Shell Outer Wall

The rounded outer wall withstands all stress and shock.

Receiver Hood

Domed hood for data transfer between the fatima and MH.


When changing to the Plastic style, the fatima shell needed to be redesigned to accommodate the oversized bonnet, including this large headrest.

Control Console

Compared to the "Decadent style" fatima cockpit, the changes are apparent.

Data cable connecting the top hood into the keel directly below.

The fatima shell’s seat and consoles tend to be finished in gaudy colors. Fluorescent pink or orange, light green, and other painfully loud colors are used to match the fatima’s personal colors. Since the fatima shell is completely dark when operating, these flashy colors do not cause any difficulties in action. Machi’s cockpit is peacock green, and Candana’s is bright golden yellow. Mirage machines are opera pink.

Passage to knight cockpit. Lacking handrails, the protrusions on the keel are used as footholds. At the beginning of volume 10 [English volume 23], Ochestro uses this to drop into König’s cockpit.

Main Console

Fatimas can perform most operations via head-mounted crystal without needing physical controls, but manual controls are still provided for supplemental control in the form of five control panels and monitors placed forward, on both sides, and to either side of the head.