Majole Lebenheite

Majole Lebenheite

Originally a Prince of the Colus House of Ballanka, Lebenheite left Colus and became a wandering mercenary. His actions are typical of many Colus knights who leave their mother nation in search of battle and glory. This continual drain of military personnel is due to the non-aggressive stance Colus has adopted in international diplomacy, and is a serious problem currently affecting the Colus war machine.

Lebenheite is first seen about to leave Izumo Astro City after completing his training under Arr Fortissimo Melody. He then ends up in the Cornerra Empire as the head commander of the Electro Knights. Under this leadership, the Electro Knights will be molded into a formidable fighting force in just 30 years. In the Majestic Stand, he will bring a research team to Hathuha to conduct test runs on the 3 prototype Kans under the orders of King Rupert II. The research team consists of:
himself (pilot)
2 chieftains (guards of Xio) (pilots)
Full MH meight Dr. Barunt Hyudora (analyst; maintenance)
2 Electro knights (DB9 & FS3) (bodyguards)

As a Colus royal member and former disciple of Arr, Lebenheite is a formidable adversary by any standards. His mortar headd is a Prototype Kan ß which has been customized to his demands. Lebenheite does not have a fatima; his copilot is Ballanche Eetoramuru 002, Londo Heirline. The data collected from his mortar headd will eventually be refined and used in the production of the mass production model.

NOTE: Apparently, the Guards of Xio are a secret, shadowy group of Super Empire knights which possess the hand of Caligraph as proof. However, they differ slightly from true AD era chivalries, like EV-3. The talking knight is known as BBI 6. The hand of Caligraph is an insignia that identifies the bearer as a Chieftain, which is a secret group. The mark isn’t always on the hand, but in this case it is. Eg Zwanig’s mark is on her forehead in FSS Designs 1.