NAMMO (often called “Nanmo”) is a small, vaguely egg-shaped robot with two large, red shoes that helps Kei and Yuri solve their cases. It’s never mentioned if NAMMO belongs to Kei and Yuri or if the WWWA assinged it to them. The little robot proves to be useful for a wide variety of things. From repairing their ship to piloting it, operating its weapons and even defusing bombs, NAMMO does it all. NAMMO can’t speak but somehow manages to communicate very well with Mughi via beeps. Over the course of the TV series the two of them get along very well. After Affair on Nolandia NAMMO is never seen again in the anime. NAMMO never appeared in the novels. NAMMO stands for Navigator And Memory of Mechanical Organism.

NAMMO is voiced by Makishima Naoki.

TV Series & Affair on Nolandia