Mughi is a genetically engineered animal that accompanies Kei and Yuri on their cases. In the novels, Mughi looks like a fierce, black panther with noticeable tentacles attached to the shoulder blades of his forelegs. A fierce fighter, Mughi is always ready to help the Dirty Pair when they’re attacked. In the anime Mughi is a large, brown creature that looks like a cross between a car and a bear who is rather lazy and not much help in a fight. In the first episode of the TV series we see Mughi’s tentacles but after that they never show up again. The Dirty Pair call him their "cute pet" and mostly leave him on their ship when they're working. Mughi can fly the ship for short periods of time and operate its systems when Kei or Yuri ask for something specific. Mughi can’t speak but somehow manages to communicate quite well with his friend NAMMO during the TV series. Mughi is terrified of mice. Mughi stands for Military Utility Genetic Hyper Intelligence.

Mughi is voiced by Makishima Naoki.

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