AGX-17 Zehirut

AGX-17 Zehirut

One of the Ze-Balmary Fleet’s ultimate trump cards, the Zehirut was created by the Ze-Balmary in the image of their god Zehirut, who is attributed with the creation of the Zyfluid crystal. Typically this machine serves as the control unit for the Ze-Balmary Empire flagship Hermondr. The Megillot units fielded by the empire communicate directly with the Zyfluid crystal which the Zehirut is composed of, which alters the Zehirut according to any enemy data they encounter. In this way this weapon becomes stronger in response to the strength of its enemies, ensuring that the Ze-Balmary’s trump card is always more powerful than its enemies. This is unfortunately a time consuming process, and the Judecca was designed in the meantime as a stopgap. Because it is composed entirely of Zyfluid crystal, this machine can change its form to match any needed circumstance, whether a battleship or mobile weapon is needed.

The Zehirut is theoretically able to regenerate itself completely if even a small portion of it is left intact, albeit this process is not immediate. There are currently seven such units known to exist, one of which operates in each of the Ze-Balmary empires seven fleets. However, because it is composed of Zyfluid crystal, there is no actual limit on the number of units that can be created.

Like all weapons of alien origin, very little is known of this machine’s true capacities beyond what has been encountered by Earth Forces.


AGX-17 Zehirut
67.2 meters
523.1 tons
Cross Blade, Hexagram, Auld Laser, Omega Wave, Zehn Gebote
SRW Attack List:


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