AGX-14 (AGX-18) Judecca

AGX-14 (AGX-18) Judecca

Serving as the control unit for the Neviim battleship, the Judecca is the central core unit of the Aerogator fleet. This unit alone coordinates the attacks of all of the Aerogator unmanned units, as well as a central terminal to handle comunication between manned units. As a result, the Judecca’s pilot is integral to the Ze-Balmary attack force, and potential Judecca pilots for it are coveted by the Ze-Balmary fleet. This is ultimately the reason for the Aerogator’s interest in Earth; the Judecca requires a powerful psychodiver in order to function.

This psychodiver is connected to the machine by the Kakaria Pulse Transmission system. Most pilots are ultimately unsuited to pilot the Judecca. Only Levi Tolar and native Balmarian Euzeth Gozzo have shown to be powerful enough to adequately use it, although according to Ingram Priskin, Ryusei Date would have been a promising candidate.

There are two known Judecca units that have been encountered by Earth Forces. The first of these was the completed model utilized by Levi Tolar, nicknamed "White Death Cross". The Second unit was utilized by Euzeth Gozo and nicknamed "Black Death Cross," which lacked the control systems so integral to Levi's Judecca, in lieu of an experimental Cross Gate Paradigm system, which would allow the unit to perform an "XN-jump", the ability to cross over into other parallel dimensions.

The Judecca is powered by a Quantum Wave Engine, and like all Ze-Balmary units is composed of Zyfluid Crystals, which gives it the ability to self regenerate. In battle, Judecca units are beastly, befitting the flagship mobile weapon of the Ze-Balmary advance fleet. It can generate beam attacks from three of its four arms, and its fourth and final arm is a devastating melee weapon. These machines are protected by a warp field similar to that used to protect the Neviim battle station, which guards them from most conventional attacks. Additionally, although it is not clear how these techniques actually work, the Judecca is capable of several devastating arcane attacks that warp its opponents to hostile subdimensions (for all intents and purposes analogous to "Hell") in order to cause damage.

Like all weapons of alien origin, there is little known of the Judecca’s performance potential and weapons systems.

Appearances Shin Super Robot Wars, Super Robot Spirits, Super Robot Wars Alpha, Super Robot Taisen Original Generation, Super Robot Wars Original Generations, Super Robot Wars: Divine Wars (anime)

AGX-14 (AGX-18) Judecca
70.3 meters
389.1 tons
Levi Tolar
Large Claw (mounted on arm), Beam Emitters (many)
Special ability:
Warp Field
SRW Attack List:

Energy Drain
Chaff Grenade
First Hell: Caina
Second Hell: Anetenora
Third Hell: Ptolmeia
Final Hell: Judecca


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