The Eager was a mechanical body design in use when the Inbit first invaded Earth. Eagers are made for aerial and orbital combat and spend most of their time flying. They can walk but are awkward on the ground. All Eagers are the same dark red color. Eagers occupy the lowest rank in the Inbit forces and are never seen in a position of authority. Before Garmos and human-form Inbit are created, Eagers are mentally linked to Refless. She sees through their eyes and commands them directly.

Some have twin energy cannons installed on the top of their bodies but many do not. Those without cannons fight with only their claws. When fighting in space Eagers are fitted with special boosters that increase their range and speed.

Total Length:
2.5 meters
5.6 tons
concentrated light rapid fire beam cannon x2
Other Names:
Eagle, Iiga


With Booster