Riding Suit

Riding Suit

The Riding Suit was developed as a component of the Ride-Armor System. When an armor-bike like the Mospeada or Browsuperior reconfigures to enfold the operator and become a powered armor suit called ride-armor, it needs attachment points to remain firmly in place and prevent injury. The Riding Suit encases the operator and provides those attachment points. The Riding Suit isn’t one piece of clothing but rather an armored suit that is put on in pieces. Riding Suits protect their users so well that even ground troops that do not intend to use ride-armor are assigned Riding Suits for combat.

The Riding Suit most often seen in Genesis Climber Mospeada works with the Mospeada. There are two variants of the Riding Suit. One is made for women and works with the Bartley, the other works with the Browsuperior.

Standard Riding Suit

Browsuperior Riding Suit

Bartley Riding Suit