RMS-142 Xeku-Zwei


This prototype mobile suit is the second machine of the Xeku series developed at the asteroid base Pezun. Designed for both heavy armament and high mobility, the Xeku Zwei is equipped with huge thruster blocks and powerful boosters, making it highly maneuverable despite its large size and tremendous weight.

The multipurpose latch and mount system on the shoulders of the Xeku Zwei gives it twice the carrying capacity of the Xeku Eins, and additional hardpoints and storage racks are distributed across its body. The mobile suit is also equipped with a total of four rudimentary sub arms to hold and support all its extra weapons. Its standard equipment includes the long-range beam smartgun and disk radome of the Xeku Eins Type 2 armament, as well as three missile pods in its front skirt armor. A heavy machine gun and six large rocket launchers are stored on its back.

Although the Xeku Zwei has great firepower and high performance, its development is halted by the destruction of Pezun during the Pezun Rebellion. The rebel New Desides bring three prototype units with them to Ayers City, and these surviving machines are deployed in the final battle against the mobile suits of Taskforce Alpha on April 4, U.C. 0088.

Note: Unlike the mobile armor Z’od-iacok, the Xeku Zwei appears in both the original serial published in Model Graphix and the revised version published in Gundam Wars III.

Unit Type:
Mobile Suit
Overall Height:
27.44 meters
Head Height:
25.2 meters
Overall Length:
40.32 meters
Base Weight:
88.2 tons
Full Weight:
151.7 tons
Power Generator Output:
7,330 kW
Thruster Output:
31,900 kg x6, 7,900 kg x10
1.78 G
Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors:
Sensor Radius:
20,300 meters
Gundarium Composite
beam saber x2 (1.0 MW), 60mm vulcan gun x2, "club" rocket launcher x6, Weapon Pod x3 (usually hold 18 short range missiles each for 54 total), 120mm machinegun, long range beam smartgun
Josh Offshore, Tosh Cray, Franz, Kirschner


Model Photos

production drawings

Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the profile.