RMS-141 Xeku-Eins


A general-purpose mass production type mobile suit developed at Pezun, an asteroid base which once belonged to the Principality of Zeon. After the end of the One Year War, mobile suit research continues at Pezun under the supervision of the Earth Federation. In U.C. 0085, the Federation Forces establish an instructor corps at Pezun to develop new mobile suit tactics and piloting techniques, providing an additional source of development data. The end result of this research is the Xeku Eins, the first machine in an experimental "X series."

The design of the Xeku Eins is based on reliable, proven technology, and despite its good overall performance the mobile suit itself has few distinguishing features. However, its sturdy frame and high generator output allow it to carry a large weapons payload, and the multipurpose latch and mount system built into its shoulders allows the Xeku Eins to carry a wide variety of optional equipment. As a result, this general-purpose mobile suit can reproduce the abilities of many different specialized machines. The capabilities of the Xeku Eins are highly regarded by the pilots of the instructor corps, and with the outbreak of the Pezun Rebellion it becomes the main mobile suit of the New Desides.

Unit Type:
Mass Production Mobile Suit
Head Height:
19.2 meters
Base Weight:
37.63 tons
Configuration 1
Overall Height:
19.2 meters
Full Weight:
72.55 tons
Configuration 2
Overall Height:
20.87 meters
Full Weight:
80.25 tons
Configuration 3
Overall Height:
20.05 meters
Full Weight:
87.28 tons
All Configurations
Power Generator Output:
2,100 kW
Thruster Output:
15,000 kg x2, 14,500 kg x4
1.21 G
Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors:
Sensor Radius:
15,000 meters
Gundarium Composite
beam saber x4 (0.9 MW)
Optional Armament:
missile pod x2, "club" rocket launcher (large & small), 120mm machine gun, clay bazooka, beam rifle (w/ grenade launcher), long range beam smart gun
Josh Offshore, Tosh Cray, etc


Configuration 1

This Type 1 armament represents the most basic configuration of the Xeku Eins. Its main weapon is a beam rifle with an attached grenade launcher, and the movable frame mounts on its shoulders are used for landing devices and propellant tanks. This configuration is used by the pilots of the New Desides when they land their mobile suits on the lunar surface on March 13, U.C. 0088.

Configuration 2

A long-range attack version of the RMS-141 Xeku Eins. This configuration is armed with a long-range beam smartgun and carries a disk radome on its left shoulder. As with the Type 3 armament, a shield can be attached to one or both shoulders. This version of the Xeku Eins is used in the first encounter between the New Desides and Taskforce Alpha on February 29, U.C. 0088.

Configuration 3

A heavy attack version of the RMS-141 Xeku Eins. Originally intended for attacking and defending space fortresses, this type is armed mainly with projectile weapons. Its main weapon is a large 120mm machine gun with a rate of fire of 360-540 rounds per minute, and it carries roughly 6000 rounds of ammunition in each of the huge drum magazines attached to its shoulders. The mobile suit is also equipped with a pair of shields that connect to the movable frame mounts in its shoulders, and these shields in turn provide beam saber racks and latches for optional equipment such as clay bazookas, bazooka magazines, and smoke dischargers.

This is effectively the standard configuration of the Xeku Eins. The pilots of the instructor corps use this version to wipe out the regular Federation Forces mobile suits stationed at Pezun, and after declaring themselves the New Desides, they continue using it throughout the Pezun Rebellion.

Version 2.0?
The October issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine displayed these images under the header "RMS-141 Xeku-Eins for HGUC  Ver. 2.0" note: HGUC is short for "High Grade Universal Century" - a line of Bandai model kits for Gundam.

Model Photos

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