MSA-007T Nero (Trainer Type)

Nero Trainer Type

A high mobility version of the MSA-007 Nero equipped with binders on its shoulders. These binders contain propellant tanks and nuclear thermal rocket engines similar to those installed in the Nero’s backpack, giving this version superb maneuverability and performance. The mobile suit has smaller shoulder armor so as not to interfere with the movement of the binders, and vulcan guns are installed in its head. Its high performance makes this version an excellent aggressor machine in the hands of a skilled pilot, and it is usually employed as a trainer for combat instruction purposes.

During the Pezun Rebellion, one Nero Trainer Type is carried aboard the Taskforce Alpha flagship Pegasus III for use by mobile suit squadron commander Stole Mannings. Although Mannings uses this machine mainly for pilot training, on April 4, U.C. 0088, he takes it into combat in a suicidal attempt to protect the Pegasus III from the mobile armor Z’od-iacok.

Nero Trainer Type
Unit Type:
Mobile Suit
Overall Height:
20.88 meters
Head Height:
19.02 meters
Base Weight:
38.2 tons
Full Weight:
61.7 tons
Power Generator Output:
1,650 kW
Thruster Output:
10,200 kg x4, 6,400 kg x4
1.08 G
Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors:
Sensor Radius:
12,000 meters
Gundarium Composite
60mm vulcan gun x2, Beam Rifle, Beam Saber x2 (0.9 MW)
Stole Mannings


Model Photos

Nero Trainer Variation
This variation has beam cannons in the shoulder binders.

Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the profile.