Argama Class Space Assault Cruiser
Pegasus III

Pegasus III

The second space assault cruiser of the Argama class, which serves as the flagship of Taskforce Alpha. The rotating residence blocks of the original Argama are fixed in place, and the radar antennas on the sides of the bridge are replaced with new ones that resemble those of the Pegasus class used during the One Year War. Otherwise, the Pegasus III is essentially unchanged from the original Argama.

The Pegasus III is commanded by the young captain Eton Heathrow. On February 25, U.C. 0088, the Pegasus III and the four other space cruisers of Taskforce Alpha are launched from the Baikonur space base to suppress the New Desides. It continues fighting throughout the rest of the Pezun Rebellion, and is badly damaged by the mobile armor Z’od-iacok during a final battle in Earth orbit on April 4.

Pegasus III
Unit type:
Assault Carrier
Overall length:
323 meters
Full weight:
54,031 tons
Mobile Suits:
Launch Catapults:
Main Cannon x4, Mega Particle Cannon x2
Eton Heathrow


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Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the profile.