Gall Force Earth Chapter Story

The story opens in the year 2085. Mankind has established colonies on the Moon and Mars. During a terrible war between East and West the ruins of an ancient spacecraft were discovered by Dr. Grey Newman on the Moon. The ruins revealed advanced technology that was quickly used to create robot soldiers to fight in the war. Soon after their development the robots turned on humanity and used nuclear and SVE warheads to wipe out a large percentage of the world’s population. With the cities of the world in ruins the mechanical MME (Man Made Existence) forces proceeded to hunt down the survivors.

Sandy, the daughter of Dr. Grey Newman, is part of a resistance army in Australia. Forces remaining from the armies of East and West cooperate to battle the MME but the truce is fragile as both sides still nurse grudges. After realizing the severity of their situation, both factions cooperate to send thousands of their people to Mars in shuttles to find safety and bring reinforcements back to Earth. Instead of aid the United Nations of Mars decides to send the Hecatoncheir, a spaceship built around a massive plasma cannon, to destroy the MME citadel in Australia and the whole continent with it. The MME use old defense satellites to destroy the Hecatoncheir. With their super weapon taken from them Mars gathers an army and sends them to aid the resistance fighters in Australia.

Among the first group to land is an android named Catty, built from data collected on the Moon from ancient Solnoid androids. Catty seeks a way to end the struggle peacefully but cannot convert either opponent to her point of view. In her attempts she encounters Sandy’s overwhelmed resistance group and gives them valuable information about the MME and its hive mind leader Gorn. When Mars’ forces finally arrive in numbers the MME are beaten back to their citidel giving Sandy and her team mates a chance to infiltrate. When Sandy confronts Gorn she opens its eyes to a line of reasoning it had never considered. When it rejects the conclusions it reaches Gorn self destructs. As the MME’s citadel crumbles Sandy reflects on humanity’s sins that lead to the creation of the robot soldiers. The threat to humanity is finally at an end and people can start rebuilding.

One of the themes presented throughout the Gall Force stories is that humanity goes through cycles of creation and destruction. To emphasize this idea character designs from the first story arc are re-used in Earth Chapter and then again in the third story, Gall Force New Era. Some fans have speculated that the same characters are being reincarnated but ample proof to support this can't be found in the stories. It is more likely that this is a device to visually reinforce the idea of cycles repeating throughout human history (plus it doesn’t hurt as a gimick to bring fans of the previous story back again).