Ezlaser Engine Power System

Mother Energy Bypass

Upper two are output, lower two are return.

The function turbines’ output is all transmitted to the keel. As the turbine blades generate waste heat, they are not connected to the bypasses. Waste heat is expelled outside via armor slits.

Ezlaser Engine

Really small. Unbelievable that this is the core that drives a 400m starship across interstellar distances or creates a buster launcher blast.

The final armor piece is set here on the chest. This triple-armored damper section covers the hemisphere of the engine, though as the engine itself is essentially unbreakable, it is intended more for the cockpit and surrounding systems.

The knight’s cockpit goes above here, but since the entire power system is wrapped in protective gel no heat or vibration passes to the cockpit. See Terror Mirage Internals.