Terror Mirage Internals

This is the first page with the newest explanations of mortar headd workings rather than comments relating to the original material at time of publication. With the publishing of "FSS Designs 2", the construction and working of mortar headds has finally been mostly nailed down, and further work should remain consistent with these explanations.

The complex fine engravings on the head are a form of stealth armor. By absorbing incoming scanner signals it functions as a jamming system against detection by enemies.

One of the Terror Mirage’s particular features, these slits can expel smoke. Combined with an energy drain effect, the ECM is equivalent to Aurora Beam systems.

The energy reflectors characteristic of Mirage machines. Enemy laser attacks are collected here and reflected into the generators below.

The function generator amplifies, levels, and converts power from the ezlaser engine into electricity. There is one unit on either side. While it appears to resemble a human organ, this is because internal equipment is sheathed with high pressure jelly to protect it not only from external shockwaves, but from the mortar headd’s own engine heat. It is recognizable as a mechanical generator underneath.

As the ezlaser function system bypass and keel are directly behind the cockpit, all gaps must be filled with heavy pressure jelly.


The keel, which is also called the mortar headd’s spine. Affecting not just the base frame, it is not an exaggeration to say the keel specs decide the size and output of a mortar headd.

Energy Condenser

A safety device for containing energy overflow from engine spikes. The collected energy can then be drained by external discharge.


Supports the cockpit and protects the knight from shockwaves.

Primary Armoring

The inner plating is the primary armoring, as opposed to the secondary armoring on the surface. Veinlike bypass lines go through the plating as the armor itself functions as a condenser for light energy.