Gooley Andrea Frances is Kei and Yuri’s boss and has complete control over the two things the Dirty Pair value most: bonuses and vacation time. He is a ranking executive with the WWWA. Gooley is the one who calls the duo when a new assignment is ready and gives them their orders. Gooley is initially portrayed as a straight-laced, authoritative figure but becomes more nervous and exciteable as the anime goes on. Although strict, Gooley cares for his agents and does his best to make sure Kei and Yuri have the best information and equipment possible. He even hosts a special dinner to thank them for their overtime at one point and rushes to the scene when he hears that Yuri is getting married (although she bows out at the last minute).

Gooley is voiced by Sawaki Ikuya.

TV Series

OAV Series & Flight 005 Conspiracy